House Chicken and Cleansing Salad

House Chicken and Cleansing Salad

Not all chicken is the equal!

Our chickens not only are they oven roasted to perfection and the best tasting chickens you can buy but they are also free range, chemical free, preservative free and gluten free. And YES Halal!

Chicken is the number one consumed meat in Australia and the world for that matter, but a lot of people do not know what their chicken should look like. We as consumers have been so used to the chicken that we buy in the super markets that is often bleached with all or most of the flesh white.. Naturally chicken has variants in it’s colour and some parts of the meat are pinkish and brown. Chicken that has not been bleached with chemical is not only better for you it tastes so much better! It taste how chicken should taste.

All of our chicken is sourced from the Bannockburn free range chicken farm and are f free of hormones and chemicals.

Bannockburn chickens have access to the outdoors during daylight hours, and are taken indoors at night to protect them from predators and the elements. Bannockburn farms provide shelter to birds whilst outdoors and chickens can choose to return to their barns at any time if they wish. Bannockburn Free Range farms provide chickens with access to large grassed range areas where birds are able to forage and exhibit their natural behavioural traits.

✓ Grown to FREPA standards
✓ Processed without adding chemicals
✓ Australian owned and grown
✓ No added hormones
✓ No Antibiotics

We have 3 Roast Chickens of offer, House, Moroccan and Southwest as well as a range of Hot Chicken rolls and Curries and in Winter Soup.

Heidi Dyt