Nutritious salad platters

Why create a healthier workplace?

Like many developed nations, Australia is currently witnessing a significant increase in the burden of chronic disease.

Workplaces everywhere are feeling the impact (and daily cost) of the current health of our workforce – reduced productivity, high stress levels, poor job satisfaction, increased sickness, growing absenteeism, high staff turnover and mistakes caused by physical and mental fatigue.

This situation clearly needs to be turned around. With most Australians spending about one third of their lives at work, it simply makes good business sense to invest in making the work environment a key setting for promoting positive health and wellbeing.

Benefits of a healthier workplace

The business advantages of having fitter, healthier and happier employees on the payroll are many and varied, including:

 • Increased productivity

• Better staff decision making

• Reduced sick leave and absenteeism

• Reduced long-term health problems

• Reduced worker turnover

• Increased ability to attract and retain new employees

The benefits of promoting health & wellbeing  

• Increased return on training and development investment;

• Improved corporate citizenship and image;

• Improved industrial relations;

• Reduced risk of accidents and health-related litigation; and

• Fewer worker compensation claims.

The direct benefits to your employees

  • Increased morale, job satisfaction and motivation;

  • Improved mental alertness, concentration and energy levels;

  • Decreased stress and other work-related illness;

  • Improved prevention of chronic diseases.

These benefits are very real and evidence based.

Healthy eating in the workplace


Healthy eating is the cornerstone for good health. Serving healthier food in the workplace is an important part of promoting health and wellbeing among your staff. By making sure that healthy choices are available at all functions and in onsite cafeterias, you make it easier for your staff to make better food choices.

Healthy workplace catering is not always easy you have a lot of consideration and a variety of different needs that you are trying to appease. Here are some guidelines to ensure you are on track.

  • limiting foods high in unhealthy saturated and trans fats, salt and sugar

  • including more fruit and vegetables

  • increasing wholegrains

  • reducing serve sizes 

We are Foxes Den believe that one of the most important things is that your healthy food tastes great. There is more and more awareness around eating healthy and most people want that option however not at the sacrifice and tasting good.

There are a lot of great options available. Many good ones and many that claim to be healthy but are perhaps still a sometimes food. Do your research.

About Foxes Den

Our experienced team of chefs work closely with nutritional experts to craft healthy balanced meals packed with goodness and the nutrients you need to feel great and perform at your best.

We specialize in chicken and salad but also make amazing curries, sandwiches, rolls and sweet treats. Our casual style catering works perfectly as shared platters but equally we can serve as individual portions.

We are experts in handling dietary requirements including but not limited to; Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Halal and more.

Whether it is a team lunch, corporate event/function or simply a gathering of family and friends Foxes Den has you covered.

Healthy curry banquet
I’ve been using Foxes Den for Corporate Catering and have to highly recommend them. The food is fantastically presented, delicious and absolutely beats the usual boring, heavy sandwiches and baguettes. Foxes Den staff absolutely go above and beyond to help you whenever they can and have worked very closely with me. If you’re in corporate events the I totally recommend Foxes Den catering.

Joys Njambi – PS+C Group